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Mash network Question

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Mash network Question

I created a donut using a torus. I then used the multi cut tool to create icing. I extruded the icing and detached it. I made sprinkles from a cylinder. I made a Mash network with the Sprinkle. I used placer node and the add brush to try and add the Sprinkles to the icing. They keep appearing on the inside of the torus and i don't know why. Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.08.30 AM.png

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I don't use the placer node, but my guess is that it's UV based, so you need to create better UVs for your frosting. You can just use the distribute in MASH using the mesh mode, and it should work better without UVs.

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Bob, one thing I would do is after you create your shape it to retopologize it, then duplicate it. Then you can extrude it.

In the image below for the sprinkle I used Distribute/Mesh/Scatter and  I used the duplicated, unextruded copy for the mesh of the mash network.  Added a random node to adjust the rotation, you can change the Random seed to try different placements. Then used Arnold's AI Jitter for the color (must change the geometry type to instancer). 



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Hi, i modeled the donut in inches. i read somewhere else on a topic about mash networks that it does not like meters. i changed everything to centimeters and the add brush worked as intended.

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