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MASH ID messing UVs

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MASH ID messing UVs

Hello all,


So I'm animating objects using MASH. However when I use the ID node to get mash to insert random objects into the network it completely wrecks the uvs.... If I use the cycle option on the ID node then I get what I would expect, but random or linear distribution causes the issue. I've deleted the history on all the objects I'm distributing.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Ran unto to this same problem, seems to be caused by mesh in the repro with conflicting UV set names (eg: 'UVmap' vs 'map1').  Changing these to all have the same UVset name fixed the issue.

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Hi @Anonymous 


Thanks for posting! Did you have a chance to try out @jhanzelka 's suggestion? Any luck?


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I am having the same problem. only ID node mess with the UV's 😕

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