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Mash crashing maya

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Mash crashing maya

Hello all.


Maya2020, Mash.  Windows 10.


I've created a simple mash network to snowflakes falling in the air.  I've built 3 very simple snowflakes. Made a mash network of them and added a distribute as a grid, added dynamics.  Everything worked fined.  I played it and the snowflakes fell to the ground.  I rewound the animation to tweak things and nothing works anymore.   The animation will not play and Maya locks up.  If I try to tweak the snowflake mash, Maya locks up.  If I try to delete the mash Maya locks up.  I tried unloading the plug-in. Maya locks up.  I've tried deleting the mash from the outliner, the hyper graph and Maya locks up.  I basically can no longer work with this file and really want to get it up and running again.  


I can delete EVERYTHING from my Maya scene except the bullet solver.  Anytime I mess with that Maya locks up.

Anyone have any advice?





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in reply to: Dpower357

Did you find a solution for this? I'm experiencing the same.

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