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MASH Bake Instancer to Object Bake Animation Empty

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MASH Bake Instancer to Object Bake Animation Empty

I'm using Maya 2020 and I am trying to export my mash animation to an fbx file. 

The steps I followed were:

  1. select the MASH waiter and click MASH->Utilities->Switch MASH Geometry Type.
  2. Select the instancer in the outliner, and click MASH->Utilities->Bake Instancer to Objects.
  3. When the Bake Instancer tool opens, click "Bake Animation."
  4. The result will be hidden objects under an "Instancer_Objects" group. Expand the group, select the objects, and click Display->Show->Show Selection.
  5. Select the Instancer_Objects group heading and export selection as and FBX.
the problem is, at step #4, my group would be empty in the outliner and there would be no keyed frames in the timeline either... I have been trying to find solutions online that could help me with this but couldn't find anything. 
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The screencast took took long to go public so here is the link: 

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