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make an object elastic and connect it

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make an object elastic and connect it

Hey guys,


first, sorry for my rusty English. Unfortunately I cannot solve that problem with my actually knowledge and hope so, one of us can help me:

I have two polygon spheres: a big sphere ("the body") on the bottom and a smaller sphere with some distance above the big sphere. A cylinder is vertical placed between the two spheres (similar to a dumbbell). The cylinder should be strong enough to "carry" the smaller sphere, but it also should be bended / dangled, when the upper or under sphere gets moved. Have you an idea to realize that?


Lots of thanks in advance, Juliane     

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You could use a rig set to make it elastic. In wich languages are you ease? 

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Athias Delano make a really good tuts about this subject on pluralsight. I'm on hollydays to then end of the week if you don't find solution I will take time to explain you how to do. 

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Thank you very much for your quickly answer and your really nice offer to help me. I‘ve to admit, that I‘m not a big expert in rigging too, but I also thought about this method. I would like ask you to explain me, what I have to do, because at the moment (as beginner) it‘s difficult for me to find the best solution for this problem. I thougt about soft bodies and nclothes, too. Best wishes and some nice free days yet!

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P.s. German is my language 

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I think I can't solve your issue but I can put you in the way to resolve it and give you some tips to succes. 

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At first, there is a German forum as well

but of course you will reach more people here at the international forums.


If you need/want a simulation i recommend to try nCloth.

It's simple to create and there are a lot of helpful nContraints.


However a hand animated rig or deformer is more predictable, but needs more manual animation.


(Du kannst aber auch gerne auf Deutsch nachfragen, falls dies für dich hilfreich ist.)

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