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Mac users of Maya = Second class users ?

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Mac users of Maya = Second class users ?

I really feel like Mac users of Maya are second class users for Autodesk for 2 main reasons :

1 / It's been 10 month since apple announced its transition to its own silicon chips and there is still no communication from Autodesk about whether or not Maya will be adapted to work natively on these new chips. Are we going to be obliged to migrate to Cinema 4D which as already been adapted but loosing hundreds of hours invested in learning Maya ?

2 / For Mac users, Arnold is still not GPU accelerated on Mac and is thus very slow. We don't benefit the same Arnold speed improvements as Windows users, but we pay the exact same price as Windows... Why ? It's been a long time that Arnold is GPU compatible on the Windows side. As a consequence of Arnold being too slow on Mac, I've been obliged to invest in Redshift which is GPU compatible and very fast but which costs a lot.

So, my question is simple and clear : Will Maya be adapted to apple silicon chips and will Mac users at last benefit of Arnold GPU as Windows users do ? (Mac users of Maya pay their subscription the same as windows users, so I think we really deserve being informed of Autodesk future plans for Maya)

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It would be great if Autodesk Team would make a public comment on this topic.

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for Arnold GPU on a MAC it looks Autodesk is putting the blame on Nvidia & Apple

read this thread from 2019

i have not seen or heard that Autodesk will be making this available for the MAC OS anytime soon


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in reply to: DarrenP

Yes, I reached out to the Arnold Team and they stated that Arnold is only compatible with Nvidia hardware and official drivers. So it doesn't look like Arnold will be supporting GPU rendering under macOS anytime soon. I guess best option for that is Redshift or Octane. Seems like Redshift is pretty stable for this scenario already. Haven't testet Octane yet.

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