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Mac M1 comparison

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Mac M1 comparison

I haven't been able to find any good data so I did some comparisons. Trying to find out how the new Mac mini M1 compares for rendering and render farms. Installed Maya 2020 on the M1 machine and even though Maya was running in emulation mode (Rosetta 2), it was pretty snappy. The biggest time thief of course is rendering so I did some test renders with Arnold (the slowest renderer I know of). I ran the attached file on a 2019 Mac Pro 28 core, a 2018 Mac mini 6 core and the new mini 8 core/16GB. 


Mac Pro 2.5GHz 28 core: 1m 57s

Mac mini 3.2GHz (Intel) 6 core: 8m 46s

Mac mini (M1) 8 core: 11m 10s


So basically the M1 mini did a respectable job for being in emulation and will probably be a speed monster once/if Autodesk releases an M1 version but for now it doesn't make sense to buy one since AD doesn't tell us anything until they release it. 



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