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Looking for a rigger or animator to have a look at my setup

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Looking for a rigger or animator to have a look at my setup

i don't know if im going toward a horrible mistake and id like to know before its too late, ive made my model , my skeleton and my controllers, i didn't know i needed to connect the controllers from 0,0,0 so they were all already placed before i started to try to connect them and it took me a while to fix it and have all the controllers remain in place while inheriting orientations. id like to know if my setup of hierarchy will work to animate the arms and legs in IK and FK, because as far as ive built this scene, nothing followed if it wasn't parented

i would like if possible someone to look at my setup and maybe also provide some feedback, this is my first atempt at a serious model and id like it to be usable to anyone who get a hold of it rather than just me.

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There’s  no scene attached.

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