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locators created in reference editor stopped working (dropped)

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locators created in reference editor stopped working (dropped)

Hello, I recently started studying rigging and faced some problems: When creating locators for my character, I used reference editor. The next day, when I wanted to do an animation for the character, I saw that almost all the locators fell and stopped working for the character.

I decided to do the same on my other character and tracked at what point my rig breaks, but I never realized what the problem was

also all constraints moved to the fosterParent folder. Please tell me what the problem may be: (

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The constraints are connected to a reference file and your locators are not refenced. You want the whole rig to be referenced. Any time the model and skeleton is updated it will break your constraint. It's best to just reference the mesh and skin and rig in the scene. Then ultimately import it and let the animators reference that file. If it's just you working on it, finish the rigging without referencing anything and when that's finished open a new scene and reference the rig and animate. The keys with be on the controls in the scene but the rig can be changed.(given the same name of controls)

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