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Lightroom for textures

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Lightroom for textures

Hey everyone! So I've been learning Maya for the past 4 or 5 months. Sadly, I have been neglecting photoshop. I'm aiming for environment modelling, and need to start practicing using PS. Instead of spending $600(ish) on the full program, will PS Lightroom be enough for me to make proper textures? Or is it a few features too short compared to the full program? Thanks!

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I have been using Adobe Lightroom premium for a long time and it's amazing when it comes to photo and video editing. It will be really helpful to you for making any texture. You can try this app on your iOS device. I think this might not be available in the free version. But you can try the premium version which gives you access to many premium features like presets and effects along with premium tools like healing brush, web galleries, and many more.

Hope this helps you. Thank You!

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