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License Question

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License Question



I just started up Maya on my laptop, but forgot to log out on my workstation.

To my surprise this was possible. I ran one license on two computers simultaneously. I confess.


Since the new Autodesk online license system came out, that should not be possible.

Preventing overuse by giving the user an overview on the other machine holding the license.

Whoever is using Adobe Cloud know what I am referring to.


So with Maya is it still the user, who has to take care of the license use?

If this is the case, please Autodesk change, as your compliance policy  is not exactly squeamish,


Martin M

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in reply to: mmmMUD69

Looking at this thread, where it says "more than two device", I think this Subscription Overuse mechanism is still in a prelim rollout phase, where they're not going all the way to "one device" right away.

The actual article says "one device", which is probably the end state after the inital phase-in of this overuse protection.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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