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license question - returning user

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license question - returning user

ok so i have been using Maya in some form for over 12 years. When i was student i was using 2012, then i upgraded to 2017 and graduated in 2018. my license just ran out today, 2021, and i still use the program for game art, misc design but nothing for profit or sale. i love maya and cannot imagine switching to max, blender, etc.


  • question 1: my question is i went to autodesk main website and it says a home license is not needed if there is only one user, like me. but i am not a student any longer so an student license would not be right. i don't see an option for other licenses??


  • question 2: Also i assume i would need to upgrade as i see no mention of 2017 version so i'm thinking 2020? I don't know what the latest version is to be honest.


  • question 3: Lastly do i really need to pay 1300 USD for the program? I thought the last time i bought a single user license is was like 300 USD.

thank you for reading and i hope for response. thank you

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In short,

if you no longer are eligible for an education license you need a commercial license.

Check for Maya Indie, which seems to be the right solution in your case.

BTW, the current Maya version is Maya 2020, but this may change in near future.

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that looks about right.

thank you for speedy response

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