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Keyframes become small when zooming in on graph editor

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Keyframes become small when zooming in on graph editor

When I go into the graph editor, I can't see my keys unless I zoom way out. When I zoom in, the keys are super small, including the handles.

I tried changing the key size in preferences and even the evaluation from parallel to DG but nothing is working.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi! @mullethead00 .

This is by design.

The measurement method I did is take a screenshot and count the pixels in MS Paint.
The key size in the zoomed out state (practical range) in my environment (4k) is 11px * 11px.
It seems that you can zoom out to the extent of infinity, but in this case it disappears.
The key zoomed to the limit is the same 11px * 11px.

This is by design. It cannot be changed.
It's hard to see, so I also propose it on the Idea forum. If you like, please press the Agree button for my idea.

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ugh. I wasn't sure if it was a graphics card issue or something else. So strange. I agreed with your proposal.

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Im having the same issue!

When you first open the graph editor, the corresponding error message appears.
// Error: Failed to initialize Graph Editor GPU !


Did you mange to find the fix?

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in reply to: mullethead00

I am also having the same exact problem they become nonexistent when i'm zoomed in but when I zoom out on the graph editor they are normal.

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