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Keep getting "Frame rate mismatch" when creating new default scene

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Keep getting "Frame rate mismatch" when creating new default scene

I 've created a default project which contains a scene (Scene1.mb) that's set up the way I prefer. In particular, it has 30 FPS (which is what I want for all my new scenes to have.)


I have set this as default scene as per File > New Scene options > Enable default scene.


Prior to opening this default scene via File > New, I have also changed the FPS to 30 as per Windows > Preferences > Time Slider and then Saved Preferences for good measure.


Despite all of this, when creating a new scene, it opens my default scene allright, but I keep getting this message:



Frame rate mismatch: The imported scene frame rate '30 fps' differs from the existing frame rate '24 fps'



... after which it would revert back to 24 FPS.


Don't think this affects my issue but I've managed to set 30 FPS as default when starting up Maya, via my userSetup like so:



// Make sure to load this file from userSettings like so:
// evalDeferred("source \"HC_userSetup/HC_userSetup.mel\"; HC_setDefaults");
global proc HC_setDefaults()
	// Start up with a Blender Cube
	polyCube -w 1 -h 1 -d 1 -sx 1 -sy 1 -sz 1 -ax 0 1 0 -cuv 4 -ch 1;
	select -r pCube1;
	setAttr "pCube1.translateY" .5;

	// Set playback rate to 30 FPS
		/*Valid arguments:
			game:  15 fps
			film:  24 fps
			pal:   25 fps
			ntsc:  30 fps
			show:  48 fps
			palf:  50 fps
			ntscf: 60 fps
	currentUnit -time ntsc;

	// Set preferred animation length and playback range to the entire length
	playbackOptions -min 1 -max 300 -aet 300;

	// Set the time slider to "1" in current time units (rewind to beginning)
	currentTime -edit 1;

	// And a little confirmation that this script loaded allright ;-)
	print "Welcome back, Henrik. Things have been set up the way you want it.";



But that only solves the startup scene issue. My issue pertains to creating new scenes, where my settings in Prefs (like FPS) just won't seem to stick.


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