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It's nearly impossible to work with 2024 due to permanent crashing

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It's nearly impossible to work with 2024 due to permanent crashing

Hi I was wondering if there is a hack to prevent 2024 from crashing. I running win latest 2024, geforce4070 with latest drivers.

I was pretty lazy with updates and was running 2020 for the last years with zero problems. now with 2024 it's close to impossible to work with it due to permanet crashing.

it crashes when maximizing views, switiching to textured view, picking cv, moving cv, picking an object and my highlight...when a crashed scene is saved it crashes when reopening the crashed scene...

Tried all viewport2.0 opengl directx an such, no results only crashes.

After searching the net I found endless posts describing the same....crashes, crashes, crashes.

It doesn't matter if the scene os large small or whatever.

any ideas what's going on here ???

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Are you on the latest 2024.2 update?

There were some frequent crashes that affected earlier versions of Maya 2024 but update 2 should fix the most common ones. (like the ones you are describing)

If you are still experiencing frequent crashes in 2024.2 then please let us know!


Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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Hey Brent,


thanks for the reply. I will update right now. Strange thing my Access didn't tell me there is an update...therefore I was using the 2024 and not updating. Will install the newest version and see whats going on. Will kepp you updated


thanks Daniel

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Maya 2024.2 installed


painted some paintfx, convert to polys, textured view ...crash, opened crashed scene, opened hypershade crash. Will use 2020 now...need to get my work done. Honestly it's super frustrating. It's the worst I had so far and I'm using Maya since 0.5 coming from Power Animator.


...wait 🙂 I changed the display mode for Viewport 2.0 and so far not crashed immediately...let's see !?


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Are you saying that changing the display mode helped?

If so what were you using before and what did you change it to?


Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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For the paintfx crash... What were you doing specifically?
Which paintfx brush were you using? Anyway you could provide specific reproduction steps for us?
What OS are you on?
Can you forward the scene that you opened that crashed when opening the hypershade? (you'll have to zip it up first).

Any and all info the better.


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I wanted to give you a little feedback. Updated to .2 and still got crashes. Changed the Viewport 2.0 from DirectX to OpenGL (Compatibility) and it runs stable for now.....


thanks again for your help !!




P.S. about the PaintFX was just painting a simple "willowstraightheavy"converted to polys, changed to textured view crash, applied a new shader to the converted polygons...crash. Nothing in the scene but the one PaintFX ...

wait I will do the same right now :) works !!

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Thanks for the update Daniel. Passing this along to the team...
Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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Possibly display card or display driver issue?
Drivers up to date? Using a supported video card?

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