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Issues with the Tabs in the top of Maya

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Issues with the Tabs in the top of Maya

I have 2 issues.


1. My tabs are missing from the top of my Maya (file, edit, etc.) and I can't figure out how to get them to appear.  Ctl - M and Cmd - M didn't work.


2. The dropdown box at the top left of Maya that usually displays the options on Render mode, animation mode etc. is currently only displaying the word customize.  How do I get the usual group to appear?


Please help!!  I have attached screenshots to display both issues.

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Looks like those settings got corrupted.

Click that Customize, which will open the dialog, where one of options will be to Reset/Load default menu sets.

I am telling this from my mem, so search precise names yourself.

The last resort would be resetting whole Maya user settings.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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You are a life saver.  THANK YOU

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