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Issues Running Maya 2018 (generally)

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Issues Running Maya 2018 (generally)

I have been experiencing issues with my Maya program after installing it. I have tried reaching out for support, but since my licensing is through my college, the contact section of this site does not allow me to email or call anyone for help. 


My problem is that I cannot open Maya on my laptop. The laptop is brand new and has a good graphics card, so it should have no problem running the program. I tried installing both 2018 and 2019 versions, but neither of them will open. After clicking on the desktop shortcut (or other alternatives, such as through file folders or the autodesk app) the small startup window appears, but then closes immediately after. I also tried loading project files I created on other computers, but those cannot open the program either. When I took a screenshot of the startup window to give an example of the issue, it did not register (took picture of my desktop only, not including the window). 


I ran the task manager to check if a crash report was generated, but the program only shows up briefly, then disappears as if it were functioning "normally". I updated the programs as much as possible, spent hours uninstalling and reinstalling them multiple times as well, but nothing seems to work. Since classes are online at the moment, I need help figuring out why this program is not working so I can finish my assignments. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!


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