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Issue with Xgen Groomable Splines

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Issue with Xgen Groomable Splines


I'm trying to figure out this issue I keep running into and I'm going to try and explain it as best as I can. I am still learning about Xgen so I know that it might be a simple fix that I'm just not seeing so apologies in advance.


I have this character model that I am trying to get Xgen to work on. When I create a new description and choose "Splines" it's all good, but when I choose "Groomable Splines" it gives me the error code (part of path doesn't exist) and basically isn't creating the length/orient/bend/width/region paths that it normally does. 


The model was handed off to me by my friend who is rigging it so it was named "FinalFrida:body" for rigging purpose. I noticed when I changed the name to just "body" or "Frida" that creating groomable splines works and gives me no errors at all. I know naming is important when it comes to Xgen but I'm not sure why the name is or at least seems to be causing an issue.


Thank you in advance!! I'm trying to learn how to work through these issues and I really appreciate any help I can get!!

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