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Is there a way to only view outline of the selected object instead of the whole wireframe?

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Is there a way to only view outline of the selected object instead of the whole wireframe?

Basically the title. In Blender, the selected object only has an outline around it's silhouette which IMO makes it easier to see, so is there a way I can do it in Maya as right now it feels very cluttered? I can do a little bit of scripting too if required.


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This is currently not possible.

You could change the transparency on the wireframe

or disable the selection highlighting at all (per panel), but an outline for the selection is currently not an option in Maya.

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in reply to: mspeer

Thanks for the reply.

Would it be possible to make a material that does this in the viewport, so that I can maybe write a script that switches to that material when an object is selected?

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Not sure if this is possible before maya 2023, but @sepu6 showed me an envvar that will make this work. 



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Hey thanks for the reply!
I don't know anything about environment variables but after reading the documentation I tried
in mel but it didn't seem to change anything.
Can you please explain how do I set this up?
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in reply to: shanemL33YK

Thanks guys, actually it worked quite well, it would be nice if this was implemented in Maya and maybe some additional options such as color and outline thickness options.  kudos @sepu6 .😁ObjectOutline.jpg

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You can not do it at runtime. You need to either set it globally before launching maya, or put it in your maya.env file located in 


You would want to add a new line to that file (if pre-existing content) and add:



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It seems to be working, but now I am unable to see the edges/faces in the component mode and I have to toggle wireframe on shaded to view them, but I guess that's the limitation of this.

Thanks for the help!


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in reply to: ashutoshkbudhdeo

hello, it works but how did you change the color and thickness of the outline? thanks

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in reply to: MRENOUX

I had changed my selection colors from Windows -> Settings/Preferences -> Color Settings, and for the thickness of the outline, I think that's because I have anti-aliasing turned on in the viewport

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