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Is there a place to submit Maya bug reports?

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Is there a place to submit Maya bug reports?

Is there an official bug reporting method?  Beta test program?   I'm not talking about the crash reports in the app, but a place to point out "Hey, you actually broke something I use often".  Maybe even get ahead of it before it gets released into the wild?


The recent update is just not fixing anything I really needed it to fix.


Video of bugs 

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Thanks for the video. A couple of comments:

1) Enter vs Return. This has always been the behaviour in Maya. If you want to commit the value after editing then you should use the Return key. Enter leaves the focus on the edit field so you can try different values.

2) I'll pass this along to QA.

3) Extrude local axis. The Extruce manip axis is based on the selected components. This is not something new in 2023. The extrude manip does have a way to switch between local and world orientation but for more precise control you will need to fall back to the regular transform tools.

4) Timeline changes. Not seeing that here so I'll pass that along to QA.
You could try resetting your Maya preferences in case it is something in your Maya environment.

For reporting bugs you can use the feedback form located here or but doesn't hurt to also post on these forums.


Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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I will ask the Bifrost team for an imperical answer but I don't think any GPU support for any Bifrost aero/combustion simulation systems has been implemented yet.

For the timeline, the proper location to change this so that it persists on File > new is in the File > New 'Options Box'.

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#1:  Confirmed.  So *my* behavior changed, not Maya.  Apologies.


#2: This is good to know.  I have an a4500 with 20GB of VRAM, and while I don't pretend to be an expert at Bifrost at all, not being able to render the sample projects out of the box seemed odd.


#3: This one does have a workaround with the dedicated transform tools, but it does throw me off when that axis doesn't appear to mirror world, object, or component space.


#4: Also good to know.  I opened an old scene with over 700 frames for it to only display 20 of them and I had to use keyframes to know where the scene was supposed to end.  I will look into this workaround as well.

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I just received a response from the Bifrost team and there currently is no support for Bifrost aero/combustion rendering with Arnold GPU.

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