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Is it possible to assign outlines/edges to MASH objects?

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Is it possible to assign outlines/edges to MASH objects?

I'm stuck in creating an animation in MASH that has a lot of bubbles (spheres) and I need to assign something like a Toon outline to all the bubbles while keeping the current material that is assigned to them.

I tried using aiToon but that changes the material of the whole object, I just need to add an outline.
Also using "Toon > Assign Outline" on my MASH_repromesh and then converting it to poly works, but it seems like Maya gets stuck in some kind of an endless loop -- Arnold render view just keeps refreshing like it's constantly loading the scene.

- Is it possible to only use aiToon's edge or modify the current material so it has an outline?
- Or maybe a better workflow than MASH to populate the screen with a lot of bubbles since the outlines only won't work in MASH?

Any help is much appreciated!


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