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Is Anyone using RTX 3070?

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Is Anyone using RTX 3070?

Hi Everyone,
I'm currently purchasing my PC and I've gone as all out as I can. Ideally I'm going to be rocking an RTX 3070, however, on the system requirements for Maya they have only listed up to the 2080ti as their tested graphics card.
Do any of you have a rtx 3070 and know that Maya works or know if it will cause issues because they havent listed it as one of their tested cards online?
Any info would be great 🙂

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They will work fine. Have some friends using it.

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Awesome, Thank you 🙂
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My 3070 won't work with arnold. Whenever I try to render something with my gpu it says fatal gpu error  occurred, do you know why?

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Have you installed the latest Arnold version and the latest nvidia drivers? 

And pre-populated the cache?



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Any update on your problem with Rtx 3070? I am having the same problem. Unbelievably frustrating. Tried pre-populating cache and updated everything. Fails after rendering the first clip in Arnold. Freezes or crashes with gpu warning. I had been rendering the same file on a 1070 with no problems at all but needed more power to produce a piece of work. Pulling my hair out now.

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