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interactive groom density map probs

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interactive groom density map probs

interactive groom Hi I have a character that is Uved and I want to paint a density map or import a map. If I import the map then it doesn't put it in the right place - if I try and paint a map it does paint on the surface I get nothing   I dont want to use a separate skull mesh as i want to deform the head later and want to avoid having multiple laters to deform   - does the density map info from the mesh vertex colour - and not from a UV layout ?   any ideas 


thanks in advance 



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Hello @thomaslisle1309,


thanks for your post. Maybe the approach with Region Maps can solve the issues? Here is a video: Maya XGen Interactive Groom Tutorial - Region maps.


Hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Hi Patrick

Many thanks for your contribution to make hair with linear wire

You first have to sculpt the hair – and as I don’t want to use a reduced mesh skull cap I also have to generate a density map

So once I have sculpted the hair and click to add a liner wire it generated wire guides all over the mesh, which I then have to delete with the density brush and re add and re sculpt to something similar to the guides that are styling the hair – which just seems like doing the processs twice. Unless of course I am doing something wrong or there is a clever way of just using the same guides to style the hair

Also does it matter if the linear wire is on a layer above or below the styling guides

I cant see how making region maps would help – I have already seen the video it seems that region maps are great for partings

I just wanted to get a quick workflow for making hair dynamic

All the best thomas

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