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Installing Maya 2022 Student Edition on Fedora 34 Workstation

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Installing Maya 2022 Student Edition on Fedora 34 Workstation

I downloaded and unzipped the Maya Linux 64 Bit file and tried to run ./Setup file in the terminal. A GUI window with the title "Autodesk Install" appears temporarily, but then disappears and the following error messages are printed:


enter image description here

Do you have any tips for how to fix this? I am running Fedora 34 Workstation.


Thanks so much!

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Had anny succes installing maya on fedora ?
After things not propperly working on rhel i THought i might transition to fedora.

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I wasn't able to install on Fedora, but I did get a somewhat working
install on Linux Mint! I had to use alien to convert rpm files to deb files
or something, haha! I can send you the tutorial I used if it would be
helpful. The main thing I couldn't get working was Arnold.
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DO not install maya from a setup in linux just install from here    using terminal and it will work.


Also add  MAYA_NO_HOME = 1  in home/user_name/maya/2022/Maya.env     

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