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Install / Uninstall issues ..

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Install / Uninstall issues ..

On attempt to uninstall and reinstall Maya 2016 on win10, I apparently made the grand mistake of not uninstalling the service pack (4?).

The reason I attampted to uninstall is because of constant issues with Mental Ray functioning like a part time employee that takes a nap after a single scene set up and refuses to do any sort of different opertaions .. particularly when trying to use contour rendering. I found this was an actual Maya/Mentalray issue after using the same exact .ma files on an older version (2015) on a school computer .. worked just fine there.

So back to the issue on my comp.

I uninstalled Maya (or so I thoguht) through win 10 uninstall/install  list.
It activate the maya 2016  uninstall feature, great!

Then I installed Maya 2016 again, worked just fine, kept all my old settings .. thoguht I was doing great ..
Then I installed Service Pack 6 ...KABOOM! 

Maya 2016 won't run now, NFC as to why.

I decided to look up what possibly went wrong.

apparently there is a huge problem with uninstalling any maya 2016 version that had already previously had service packs 4-6.


I was told to FIRST uninstall the service pack 6, then uninstall maya 2016 .. then restart the installation process .. ok!

Except there aren't any instructions whatsoever on how to do this task.

All I can find are some "general' instruction links to go ask my question from Windows itself, like huh? With clean uninstall, which conveniently doesn't exist on Windows 10.
And of course to go through some exasberbating list individual folder seek and destroyy ..which again .. no joy don't exist on windows 10.

soo ... now what?

Install windows 7, and then have a go at it again?

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You *might* see if a system restore back to before you started will help the situation.

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I apologize, I reposted this issue in the correct forum, which you also responded to thank you.
Howevere I have not tried a system restore, although I suspect this won't solve this issue due to the fact that I have been experienceing problems for around a year with Mental ray anyways.

Which is why I was inspired to compleytely reinstall in the first place.

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It won’t open Maya 2022

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