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Install software doesn't work

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Install software doesn't work

So a week ago I decided to finally update from Maya 2018 to a newer version. Lo and behold Autodesk now requires this dumb licensing software that doesn't even work. So I download and install Maya 2023 since that was the latest thing. Get it installed fine, but I can't launch it. I get to the sign in splash screen and no matter what I click Maya just stops working. No error, no crash, nothing. I scoured the forums here and tried every solution I saw and nothing worked. The real kicker is not only did it not launch Maya 2023, but also somehow broke my already installed Maya 2018 in the process so now I can't even go back to an older, working version. Finally decide to delete everything Autodesk related off of my PC and try a clean install. Now every time I try to install Maya, whether that be 2023 or 2022, it just installs the stupid Autodesk desktop app and nothing else even though it still says Maya was installed. If it is then where the hell is it? Because it sure as **** isn't on my computer at all. No idea what to do at this point to get a working version of Maya. 


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