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Input sequence padding

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Input sequence padding

Hello, This is a problem I've had for years.


I'm trying to use an image sequence in my Image plane input which as a padding of 8. Maya only seems to use paddings of  4 or zero. Is there a way t achive this?


Many thanks.


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I'll look for a solution.

However, it may be hardcoded this way.

If so, I'll log the issue with the QA/Dev departments and let you know.




Manny Papamanos
StingRay | MotionBuilder | Maya | Mudbox
Games QA Specialist

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in reply to: 3dMastermind

Thank you.


I have had this problem since Maya 1.0 and always re-numbered (and re-named) my sequences. But recently I wondered why we still can't do this ...


There are other issues around this as well such as if you have numbers in the file name, the node gets confused as to which is the frame number. For example my file name is fileName_v23-010114.00045678.exr 


This file name contains the version number, the date and the frame number. Most pipeline tools recognise the frame number as the number between the periods, but maya does not. Whis means I need to rename the seq to something like fileName.45678.exr (with zero padding).


I think the file node needs updating.


Many thanks for your time.



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in reply to: 3dMastermind

Has this been fixed? It is depressing it has not ... it has been over 10 years people asking for it. 

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