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Incorect or broken coordinates system

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Incorect or broken coordinates system

Hey guys,
I am basically at a bottom of my sanity hoping that someone can end my suffering. I have a problem that my coordinates in Maya are not working how they suppose to work. When I keyframing my models, camera, etc., somehow they are not showing what is visually happening. From the start to almost a 1/2 of my project coordinates worked just fine, for example: when I move or rotate anything, coordinates were moving linearly. If you rotate the model by 90 degrees it will add or subtract this exact value. But things had changed from that second half, don't know why or how. For example, I have my camera sitting on translation XYZ -1;0;5 and rotation XYZ 59;-270;75 then I rotate it by 180 degrees on the Y-axis because I want it to be facing the other way. So that means my Y-axis should increase or decrease by that value (around -90 or -450), right? Well, in my case camera rotates straight to a value of +1600. And to make things even worse, rotation is no longer linear. if I rotate by using a mouse in rotation tool just even a tiny bit like 1 degree in channel box will be jumping +-360 degrees and even more. I am just hoping that someone will know the answer.

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Such camera XYZ rotation rather means that you will have some gimbal lock soon - you want rz to be 0 as long as possible. Use Camera+Aim setup instead.

As to nonlinear transition - open the Windows>AnimationEditors>GraphEditor.. see fit the tangents are linear or smooth - the latter will cause smooth+unlinear motion. Default tangents can be explicitly set in Preferences>Settings>Animation>Tangents.. those are Auto, by default.

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