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Important ! Is it planned for Maya to support Apple silicon's new chips ?

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Important ! Is it planned for Maya to support Apple silicon's new chips ?

As a mac user, I need to be reassured about the future of Maya on the Mac. That's why I'd like to know whether Maya will be ported to Apple's new silicon chips (For instance, Maxon has already announced that they have ported Cinema 4D so that it can work on Apple's new machines)

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There is no support for either Maya or Arnold native on Apple Silicon over a year after it was first released.
I will shortly have to make decisions about the renderers we use in my University and at the moment Arnold takes a real performance hit from emulation. As for Maya, we will have to discuss whether this is the way forward given the support other software is giving to Apple silicon. At the moment, both Arnold and Maya are hobbled in possible performance due to having to run under Rosetta. Please do something Autodesk.

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Why don’t they answer?! It’s a simple question!!

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