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Image Plane Movie crashes when scrubbing past 10000 frames

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Image Plane Movie crashes when scrubbing past 10000 frames

Hi everyone,

TLDR; I can't view my Image Plane Movie past 10000 frames as it crashes Maya 2020. Anyone know a fix/workaround?


I don't think Maya was built to handle what I'm doing.  I have an MP4 (also tried an MOV with 444 codec) and I need to put it on an image plane.  It cannot be an image sequence as I am also using a plugin which only works with movie files. I have tried applying the movie to an image plane in a clean scene but it crashes just the same.  I cannot use an AVI because, at least the options from Adobe Media Encoder, I can't export the resolution I need, which is also tied to the plugin.


I haven't used Maya in 2 years and not even a day in, I've lost 3 hours of work and spent the next 3 trying to make an image plane not crash Maya. The only thing I can think of is to redo the last 1.5 days of work with a shorter frame range.  Meanwhile, my deadline is looming.


I would really appreciate some help 😔




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Well... I figured it out. Cached Playback was causing the crash.  I unchecked it and now Maya is happy.

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