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human IK definition not appears same when i reference it??

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human IK definition not appears same when i reference it??

Hi, I have Question with Human Ik definition and reference file.

I made Charater Rig ( 

made own scene file for mixamo walk  animation scene file( and create human ik definition for each. (

then i referenced both files in new scene file (

but when i try to copy '' animation to '' custom rig with human IK definition, It says


// Warning: file: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2022/ line 37: Referenced character cannot be locked or un-locked. //


and not working, when both of it seems like not locked??

more strange thing is, if i look through human Ik definition of both of Skeleton('', '') in '', it show me yellow error mark, saying some skeletons are not parallel. 

but if i go into original file, It's just green and Fine.


more information:

01. there was another human rig, which is exactly same rig with '', i succeeded on copy walk animation on it.

02. I had tested on another scene file few days ago, it worked. I edited human Ik definition for '', made new file, and not working.

_____ (+)

03. if i reload reference file of character, ik definition flicked to green for a second then goes back to yellow.


sorry for bad english.TT

does someone know why this is happening and how to fix it? i'm gonna just make new definition and try again, but may be it would not work either, and still want to know the reason of this error. Thanks.




but still has question.

i rotate character 270 degree to set up and the character definition goes yellow immadiately. maybe that was the problem?

then should i left it on 0,0,0 with no rotation when i try to copy animation using human ik? or is it just for this case?


Sorry, No, It didn't.

Sorry for making this page too long.

Like I said above, I solved problem with yellow human Ik definition for Character, but not in Mixamo rig reference(Source animation).

Still, it worked on another character in my scene, i just tried to retargeting mixamo walk animation to Character rig( but it still has same error massage and not working.

I tried again on the succeeded one and It's working fine.

I think it's not just a problem for a reference file? i dont know.

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