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How to use multiple proxies in MASH

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How to use multiple proxies in MASH

I'm working on forest environment.

I made 3 different tree modeling files into 3 different proxy files using vrmesh with dummy for preview and trying to make one MASH network(checked 'instance') with selecting all of them. 

But when I try to place those using Placer Node, only first proxy shows in viewport. Second one shows only vertexs, and last one doesn't even show up at all. but I can see all of them on render view.

Is there anyway can make all of 3 proxies shows in viewport not only in render view? I searched about this few days, but still can't figure it..

It seem I can only use only one proxy for one MASH network.. is it correct? Is there anyway can use multiple proxies for one MASH network? 😞

I'm using MAYA 2020.4/Vray v5.20.01. Thanks in advance !:)

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I assume thats a limitation of the viewport. 

And cause that workflow is outdated i wont hope for a fix.

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Oh! I see. Thanks for your respond!:)

And may I ask you some advice?? I'm still learning Maya so I didn't know it was old way..:(

How about placing every tree as mesh and then make all of them into proxy? 

I'll use this scene in a short animation so hope to make it not too heavy.... 

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What about using Vray scatter?

I would go that way if i need a light scene.

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If you are a beginner using Bifrost would be a big step but you could try it too.


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Wow I didn't know that there's other way than MASH!! Thank you soooo much I'll definitely try it!

Have a great day!:)

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