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How to undo export in Maya?

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How to undo export in Maya?

I created an object in maya and wanted to export it into another scene that I created. I clicked the object and clicked export selection and exported it into the scene. This deleted the entire scene and the scene only contains the exported object. Is there any way to get the scene back? 

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"undo export" would mean re-opening the base scene you did export from. if it wasn't saved, then sorry, impossible. if only you had AutoSave enabled and Maya was open long enough, then it is likely in your current project's /autosave folder, named __AUTO-SAVE__untitled.0123.mb or

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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I did save both files, however when I went to the file with the exported object I couldn’t undo it. I ended up resolving it by right clicking on my file and clicking “version history” and restored it to the original file before the object was exported. Thank you though!

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You can't export into an existing file.

You can only export to a new file, if you select an existing file it will be overridden by the new exported data.

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