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How to solve scale/rotate tool not working

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How to solve scale/rotate tool not working

Hi, people. A quick introduction: I'm not a Maya user, or any sort of modelling program. I'm a brazilian psychologist and I have a schizophrenic pacient who's a Maya 2009 user. He likes to create cars and race tracks. It happens that some weeks ago he uninstalled and installed the program again to start from scratch, because of some problems in the program. It worked a bit, but some of the configurations changed, such as the select/move/rotate/scale tool. Somehow we searched the program and solved the select and move problem, but the rotate and scale tools are still not working properly, according to him. I honestly don't understand the problem, so I recorded a video of him showing the problem, so that you can help us, please.


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Since he is using a very old version of Maya so can't rule out that perhaps something changed on his PC like the graphics card drivers that is causing the issue.

Things he can do to try and fix the issue:

1) Check whether his graphics card driver has settings for Maya that can be enabled. For example, if he has an NVidia graphic card then the NVidia Control Panel in Windows has different settings including one called "Autodesk Maya Legacy" that might help. (other graphics card may have similar settings that can be applied per application)


2) Try resetting his preferences. These instructions are for newer versions of Maya but procedure is basically the same.

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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Thank you! It worked.

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