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How to Render Layers to Files Only

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How to Render Layers to Files Only

Hi everyone, 


I have a pretty complex Render Setup at this point in my scene, and I'd love to be able to simply render each layer out to a single image in the main images folder, named according to the render layer. Since I can't apply the <RenderLayer> keyword to the main render layer, but must apply it to Collections, how is this accomplished?


Here is a screenshot of my setup as of right now. Notice how I have 2 cameras assigned to each render layer and I've tried to apply the imageFilePrefix to the main Collection, which only works if I remove the camera overrides. I've tried adding the imageFilePrefix to the camera Collections and it doesnt work (Why does Maya even add those collections anyway?). 




At any rate, any assistance in this issue would be greatly appreciated, as I've wasted a lot of time rummaging through multiple render folders, trying to name and separate out the individual images. 




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Seeing that no one attempted to help with this issue, I'm going to revive it, as incredibly, I'm still having the same issue with Maya '22. Instead of rendering out files with names matching my render layers, Maya creates separate folders with names matching the layers, with a single file in each, named the same (the scene name).



andymc4997_0-1629308790323.png These folder names are what I've named my render layers. 



Can someone please help me with this?? It causes me a lot of extra work, by either manually renaming each image inside these separate folders, or using a third party app like Bulk Rename. I've tried entering <RenderLayer> in the file name prefix field, and it changes nothing. 


Thanks in advance.

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