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How to properly use the displacement shader in the Hypershade?

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How to properly use the displacement shader in the Hypershade?

I am still new to rendering, however, so I am not too sure if I am using the displacement shader correctly.


Anyways, whenever I try to add displacement with the scale setting, the whole mesh keeps getting inflated every time to the point where corners are very rounded which I do not want. I add increments of 10, for example 0.030, 0.040 in the scale setting.


So how exactly do you add displacement scratches etc with out affecting the rest of the mesh inflating? I find it very weird that Maya does this when in Zbrush displacement depth can be controlled alone with a layer without affecting the rest of the mesh, but in Maya displacement affects the whole mesh.

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You need to use a 32bit float map when doing displacements.

Your whole mesh is being affected, probably because the displacement map has a positive value where there is supposed to be a 0. 


For example:

8bit map: Usually, a 0.5 grey in the texture translates to 0, and 0 translates to -0.5. This is how bump maps work.

32bit map: Displays each pixel as the value that the surface should be pushed. 0 is 0, 10 is 10, -5 is -5. 


The alternate solution is to adjust the Scalar Zero Value. You drew an arrow to it in the image you uploaded. That tells Maya what the 0 value should be. In the case of a bump map, the Scalar Zero Value would be .5.



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Thank you,


However, how can I check if a displacement is 8 bit or 32 bit?

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