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How to mix a Bif animated mesh with ncloth ?

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How to mix a Bif animated mesh with ncloth ?

Here is the process :

I have exported a Bifrost animation with BIF export.

I have imported this new mesh and apply Ncloth to it.

I would like to "morph" my BIF animation to the new Ncloth behaviour.  I thought using the ncloth parameter "attract to mesh" but it doesn't work. It stays with the BIF animated mesh.

Actually my idea was to redirect the bifrostLiquid1Mesh_BifMeshImportNode output as a Cache Data (with cache Blend) to NnClothSahpe input ... but i don't know how to do that.

Any idea ?


node editor.jpg


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in reply to: moiamy

When I deactivate the link between the BIF node and the Mesh Shape, I can compute the Ncloth Cache.


Is there a way to convert BIF to MCX format and export as a Cache for Ncloth ?


node editor2.jpg

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in reply to: moiamy

I tried to export my BIF animated Mesh with Geometry Cache in order to save with MCX format. Then  I import this into a NclothCacheNode, but it doesn't show result.

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