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How to import VDB to Maya

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How to import VDB to Maya


I've been searching for couple hours now how to import a VDB sequence to Maya with no success. I've found this site but i have no idea what to do with the files after downloading them(ss of files attached). Does anyone know how to install this plug-in/scripts or has any alternative for that (other than soup-dev)? Zrzut ekranu (10).png

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Hi @blajer.hubert and welcome to the community!


At the moment, the only way to import vdb files is via a 3rd party plug-in Soup.


You can find a link to Soups download here as well as documentation on it!


Please let me know if this helps or if you need any more assistance!



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With Arnold you can render a VDB file directly. Just create Arnold Volume, point to your VDB files.


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Thanks for the help guys.

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I got a notification you replied with the question how to get a sequence of VDB files to load correctly. But you removed this question? Did you already manage?


It is quite simple if you know how, as always 🙂

Add the #s to replace the frame number (with as many #s as the padding, so #### for frame numbering like 0001).

Then, in the frame attribute in the aiVolume node type "=frame". And you're done.



Good luck!

MacBook Pro 13,3 - 2.7GHz - 16GB - Radeon Pro 460 - macOS Catalina 10.15
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in reply to: joostkonemann

for those that don't realize it Renderman and Redshift both have nodes for this. OPENvdb is common in Houdini and is a Dreamworks creation.

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in reply to: mark

Aware, but this does help with V-Ray in Maya. Is there a plug-in that loads VDB files for rendering in V-Ray inside of Maya? There is information for rendering Houdini VDB files with V-Ray directly on the Chaos Theory Group Forum, but not how to do this in Maya.

Does anyone know how to render Houdini VDB files with V-Ray using Maya's render/Lighting setup?

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in reply to: jimboPJ95C

Create a Vray volume grid node and load the VDB file.Create>V-Ray>Volume grid.

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in reply to: blajer.hubert

Hey so I imported a vdb sequence from houdini,  but the problem is it comes out like this, I assigned a "aivolumesurface" to the vdb this a texture problem? if it is how do i get that fire-ey look? 






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