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How to get out of Unfold Tool menu..

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How to get out of Unfold Tool menu..


Hi all. noob Maya user here Smiley Embarassed



I accidentally clicked Unfold Tool on UV Toolkit and now I have no idea how to get out of this tool..


also, I want to move my object in the UV Editor but it seems like I can only move pivot point and not the object.


Everything was going well until I pressed Unfold Tool menu... 


help will be appreciated!





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I figured out how to get out of the tool!!


but still unable to move around the object in the UV Editor.. only pivot point is moving Smiley Frustrated

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I clicked unpin all and everything is normal


still have no idea how this happened.. but it's all good! 

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I wish this thread was answered. 

Whenever I edit UVs I always get stuck with the tools marquee. I can't go back to selecting faces of edges. (And UVs are not pinned). 

Eg : I double click a part of the mesh that's broken up. I click planar and finally I click the unfold tool to unfold the area around the edges where it's stretching. I use the brush to have more control, but then I can't use my shortcuts to get back to normal selection (aka just get out of  the unfold tool brush) but it does nothing when I click it again in the UV editor. Nor when I press the icons at the top right for selecting faces, etc. Still stuck with the brush. 

Please help ! 


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in reply to: Anonymous

Found it.... After watching 3 tutorials (where no one said it) and accidently pressed the magic button !!! 

Press "Q" or the arrow in the left menu to go in selection mode. 

*eyeroll hehe 

Sometimes, when switching over to a different software, it's the simple things that really is a test of patience. Still, I don't know why the button for the tools are not an "on/off" toggle. 

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