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How to delete Unknown Object types

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How to delete Unknown Object types

Hey all,

I am trying to get a sequence to render in a renderfarm, but it gives black frames ... locally it renders fine ( I have no references or anything, 1 texture in source images folder, teh rest is procedural)

But whenever I prep teh scene for export I get this warning:
file -save;
// Result: C:/Maya/Currentjob/scenes/test.mb //
# Warning: Unknown object type: bifrostContainer #
// Warning: Unknown object type: RedshiftIESLight //
// Warning: Unknown object type: PxrRectLight //


One is referring to a bifrost thing, the 2nd to redshift and the other to a Pixar light ... all of which I haven't done anything with in ages (and are not installed)  , yet somehow is baked into the .mb file ... 

How can I remove these references to plugins I have not activated ...nor in fact used for this particular project or scene file.

Is there a local file I can delete in Windows? ( Like a cache ) ... already deleted the preferences but that didn't do teh trick

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Extend the outliner Dag and delete the nodes and you can also do a File>Optimize scene size.

There's a lot of junk that can collect in the outliner Dag so make sure to check it from time to time .

Also you can open some of your most used files in a script editor to make sure there are no old plugins in the file otherwise in every import to a new scene it will carry over all those unused plugins.

To delete unused plugins from the scene just run this script.


string $unknownNodes[] = `ls -type "unknown"`;


for($node in $unknownNodes) {

print( "Deleting " + $node + "\n" );

lockNode -lock 0 $node;

delete $node;



string $plugin;

string $unknownPlugins[] = `unknownPlugin -query -list`;

for ($plugin in $unknownPlugins)


unknownPlugin -remove $plugin;


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