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How to assign a NVIDIA GPU to Maya on Windows with Remote Desktop connection?

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How to assign a NVIDIA GPU to Maya on Windows with Remote Desktop connection?

Hi, everyone.


I often use Autodesk Maya (v2018.7 Update).

It run with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super on Dell Alienware m15 R3.


When I try to launch Maya with Windows Remote Desktop Connection from other machine,

it cause a crash while Maya is running the boot process with a splash screen.





So, I assign Intel UHD Graphics to Maya. It safely run but it not powerful.
If i assign an NVIDIA GPU to Maya, it will crash while boot process when connecting by Windows Remote Desktop.




Without Windows Remote Desktop, if I log in to Windows using my laptop's screen and keyboard,

I feel performance from GeForce and Maya.

Therefore, I run the DirectX diagnostic tool (Win + R, type dxdiag) to check
the difference between normal login and remote desktop connection login.
The result is following:

  • With Normal Windows Login
    • Display 1: Intel(R) UHD Graphics
    • Display 2: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super with Max-Q Design
  • With Windows Remote Desktop Connection
    • Display 1: Microsoft Remote Display Adapter
    • Display 2: Intel(R) UHD Graphics

Why doesn't NVIDIA GeForce on Display 2 when use Windows Remote Desktop Connection?

Is this a Remote Desktop specification?


My main question
How to assign NVIDIA GeForce to Maya on Windows Remote Desktop session?

Could it be not benefit from GeForce while connecting to Remote Desktop?

If anyone knows how to deal with this, please let me know.


My environment

Remote desktop (host)

MachineDell Alienware m15 R3
OSWindows 10 Pro (Version 21H1)
GPU (Integrated)Intel(R) UHD Graphics
GPU (Discrete)NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super with Max-Q Design
NVIDIA GeForce DriverVersion 471.35
Maya2018.7 Update


Remote desktop (client)

MachineMacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)
OSmacOS Big Sur (Version 11.5.2)
GPU (Integrated)Intel(R) UHD Graphics
GPU (Discrete)Radeon Pro 560X
Remote Desktop ClientMicrosoft Remote Desktop (Version 10.6.7)


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