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How to add thickness to a plane

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How to add thickness to a plane

So I designed a mask as a plane (Image 1) and now I want it to have volume. I expected the "Extrude Tool" would work but it would lose the quality of the design on the front and cause random vertex to shoot out of the mask (Image 2). I then tried to invert the extrusion and with this, it kept the quality of the front but still kept the random vertex placement (Image 3). The 3rd example was closest because I just want constant thickness throughout the mask (Image 4).11










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Avoid the thickness option in this case and extrude with the z handle.try positive and negative extrusion, see which one is cleaner and reverse the normals at the end. Good night.

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If I just use the Z Extrusion then it won't be a uniform thickness throughout the mask. The image shows the difference from a thin part compared to a thick part. 4.JPG


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Fix it by hand or duplicate the mask invert normals, reduce just a touch , push it back , combine the 2 halves and bridge all the edges around, there’s always different ways to get to where you need.

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Duplicate the faces then reverting the normals of the duplicated object then bridge it, that usually works for me.  Maya really needs a dedicated tool for this.

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That’s what I wrote. 

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extrude in the object context works, it keeps the backface in tact. (different from the extrude face tool)

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