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How do you texture fur in Xgen???

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How do you texture fur in Xgen???

Hi, I'm a complete newbie to Xgen and am having trouble figuring this out. I would like to add spots to this Leopard. I'm using regular Xgen NOT Xgen interactive groom. (Not sure if it matters but just in case.) I'm also using Arnold to render and an Ai Standard Hair shader for the fur.


Am I supposed to put it here?? How do I connect it to my hair shader?



Was trying to follow along this video except they are using Renderman instead. 

Renderman 23 Xgen Hair/Fur and Texture Tutorial - YouTube


Please help and thank you for your time.

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Or how do you get Xgen to render in Renderman? I started in Renderman but then switched to Arnold cause in Renderman the fur would not render at all.

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Bump. Sorry, I really need help. I can't find any solutions to this.

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Hello, I found Arvid Schneider's video helpful for texturing the fur.

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in reply to: Parmenides

Hi, thank you for the response! I've actually already seen this video and tried following it. In the video they are using Xgen Interactive Groom though and I'm using the regular old Xgen. Unless there is a way to convert old Xgen to Xgen Interactive Groom? Maybe then it would work?

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Hey so I think I figured some things out and I thought I'd might as well post what I did in case someone in the future ever has the same problem. Also thank you everyone who left responses!


Anyway here we go. I'm using Maya 2020, XGen (not the interactive groom version) and rendering with Arnold.


1. I applied an Ai StandardHair Shader to my groom.



2.a) Make sure to set renderer to Arnold

2.b) Make a "custom shader parameter". Name it whatever you want then hit the drop down beside "float" and change it to "color". After this generate a map.



3.a) After you generated and saved the map for your custom shader parameter open the expression editor and copy the code that is there.

3.b) Now go up and open the expression editor for "Primitive Color" and paste in the code you just copied.



4. Click on the geo your groom is on and go to hypershade and click the "input and output connections" button. Find the map you made in the "Custom Shader Parameter". You can load your own image into it. (You also might have to save the map in XGen again.)



5. Make an "aiUserDataColor" and connect the out color to the base color of your "ai StandardHair shader". In the Attribute for your "aiUserDataColor" type the name of the map you made in the "custom shader parameter"(back in the second step). In my case I named mine "colorTest".





And there you go. Please keep in mind I'm totally new to XGen so this may not be the best way of doing it. (Feel free to add to this if you want.) Also I hope I made sense, I'm not terribly great at explaining things. Thanks again everyone!



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