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How do you change the default XGen project location...?

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How do you change the default XGen project location...?



I swear sometime ago I asked a similar question, particularly for setting up a user, local or global repository, but can't for the life of me find the thread. I seem to be having issues with setting up the directory for a new project in XGen. It's so confusing and convoluted. 😕


I'm trying to perform a quick test, but it keeps saving to my main directory that was set up, when I just want to put it back in the default location for the time being. The project location always looks the same - ${PROJECT}xgen/collections/Facial_Hair - but it's putting it in a folder on my D drive instead of the default path on the C. And even if I add the new directory, it's still loading things up from the D drive. I can't remember or figure out how you change it. I've made sure to disable Autosave, but that hasn't helped.


I've looked through both of these...

...and I'm still none the wiser. For specifying the user, local, and global repositories, it mentions a config.txt file, but then it mentions a XGEN_CONFIG_PATH and I've no idea what that is or where it is. It's just making me more confused.


Can someone help me? Thanks.

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Okay, so removing the (default) path that's in the Edit File Path, with the location of where you've set up your new folders, does work. Things are then saved to that new directory, but I'm still clueless where this config.txt file is supposed to go. You can specify the directory through that, but I'm still clueless how or where it's saved. Where and what is XGEN_CONFIG_PATH...? The same sample config.txt is in a completely random location from what I've discovered. It's in the plug-ins folder in Maya's root directory on the C drive (or depending where it's installed to). Is that where the config.txt goes...? That Autodesk documentation doesn't say anything about that. If that's where it's supposed to go, how the hell was I supposed to figure that out?? Or, does it go somewhere in Documents > maya...? It's incredibly vague. 😕

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Anybody...? Surely someone must know... 😞

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