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How do I lock a mesh into a pose?

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How do I lock a mesh into a pose?

Good afternoon! I am a complete newbie to Maya, and I want to understand one point. I have a character shape on a skeleton. Skinning is done. Now I need to change the skeleton inside this character. But the poses of the skeletons don't match! I need to detach the mesh from one skeleton and attach it to the other. However, you need to adjust the pose of the mesh. How can I do this in the least problematic way? I thought it would be great if I could set the pose I needed on the old skeleton and somehow fix the mesh, then detach it from the old skeleton and attach it to the new one. Please tell me is it possible? And if possible, how to do it? What features should I use? This may be a stupid question, but I'm not a 3D modeler. I tried to search for information through Google, but I don't even know how to correctly compose a request in order to get a relevant answer. 1.jpg

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The clothes mesh seems to be slightly larger than the body - the feet are more apart and crotch is too high.

First of all, scale it down so, it approximately fits the body as much as possible (ensure, the clothe's pivot is at the origin). If necessary, correct the vertices of the parts that don't cover the body with the transform tools.

Once it is done, delete the clothes mesh's Edit>DeleteByType>History; save scene.

Then, Rigging>Skin>BindSkin the clothes mesh to the same skeleton as the body; ensure MaintainMaxInfluences are disabled, or disable it in the skin cluster.

Finally, select the body (source), shift-select the clothes (target), go Skin>CopySkinWeights.. Rotate the joints to test the result; if necessary experiment with the Copy options, and the Maya Help is your friend there.

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Thank you very much. I'll try everything.

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