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How do I get my Turtle license from 2012 to work with Maya 2012?

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How do I get my Turtle license from 2012 to work with Maya 2012?

I purchased Maya 2012 and Turtle separately because back then, Turtle was a product from Illuminate Labs. Illuminate Labs sent me a license file that only worked for the machine I was using back then. When I updated my machine, I needed to reach out to Illuminate Labs for an updated license file to get the plugin working again, this time with the MAC address for my then-current machine. I've upgraded my machine AGAIN, but Illuminate Labs no longer exists, as Autodesk absorbed Turtle and started including it with later versions of Maya. This has me stumped. I reached out to Autodesk customer support and they keep telling me they cannot give me an updated Turtle license for my current machine, which I understand. But I paid $1,500 for a permanent Turtle license that I cannot use. I can't afford the subscriptions for Maya versions that include Turtle, I just want to be able to use Turtle + Maya 2012 as I paid in full for both! I figured the only solution would be to request a free upgrade to the EARLIEST version of Maya that includes Turtle, but no one at Autodesk will assist me with this. They just keep saying "but you only have a license to use Maya 2012" on repeat. I'm TRULY stumped here. Does anyone have any suggestions? My gut says Autodesk should help me with this, since they absorbed the Turtle product...and I don't know what the harm is in allowing me to use a slightly later version of Maya just so I can use Turtle! Ok I'm rambling now. Thank you for any and all help!

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I fear you wont get a lic. 


Why do you need Turtle maybe there is an other way todo that. 

Just in case you didnt know there is a Maya Indie version. 


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