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How can I delete a referenced locked object?

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How can I delete a referenced locked object?



I want to delete a referenced locked object and I get the error "Cannot delete 'eyeRight_len' as it has locked or read-only children. 


Suggestions of how to delete it?





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I've had the same issue multiple times and nobody seems to have an answer.  

Did you ever get an answer to this?

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The warning message is quite eloquent: you can't delete elements in the referenced file remotely.

Hide the node instead. Or edit the referenced file directly.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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Thank you, but the issue is more than just the rig visually being there.  It's a very "touchy" rig with an xgen beard that somehow got all funked up in the scene so I needed to import the scene into the default rig scene and the 2 xgen descriptions were interfering and not setting properly, so I needed to delete one of the rigs, but it won't because the xgen base is a reference.

There's a long history with this rig causing problems and this was the simplest way to explain the situation.

The fact that there's no way to delete a referenced rig is ridiculous.

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in reply to: shawnLM3LT

Scenes with Xgen really need some extra care in its preparation. Check the troubleshooting page for Xgen, there's good information there.


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in reply to: damaggio

I didn't create the rig.  It was built before I was here, but I recently had it rebuilt and have had crashing issues since.  The freelancer I hired to rebuild it did a pretty good job overall, but has no explanation for the crashing and says it doesn't crash on his end when "testing" it. 

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Read again the message - it is either referenced or locked nodes.

With references it is easy - check for links to external files in File > ReferenceEditor..

With locked nodes the lockNode command is a way to go, still you might wish to pinpoint the locked ones.

Otherwise, you can use this script to delete all the underlying nodes en masse:


// select the nodes that upon deletion message that undelying nodes might be locked
string $top[] = `ls -sl` ;
select -hi ;
string $hier[] = `ls -sl` ;
for $i in $hier {
    lockNode -lock off $i ;
} ;
for $i in $top {
    delete $i ;


I haven't tested the script, you might still receive some error messages.. repeat on the execution. If still failing, report back, citing the messages you receive.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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in reply to: shawnLM3LT

I know this is old but it popped up in a search.

Go back to your reference file and add or delete objects then save the reference file with the same name as the original.


(Back up your original file do not overwrite it by dragging it out to your desktop or renaming it to old)


File>Reference editor, click the the reference and click reload.




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