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Houdini FBX export to Maya - Maya FBX export issue

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Houdini FBX export to Maya - Maya FBX export issue

Hi there, have been having an issue exporting FBX to Maya, version 2020.4, as follows:

Export fbx from Houdini > Import to Maya > tweak mesh and export final FBX from Maya for baking

Everything works great up to the point of exporting from Maya, where the program will hang for around 5 minutes. Usually Maya exports an FBX in a split second. I've noticed that if I export the mesh as an .obj from Houdini to import to Maya, then finally export as an fbx it works perfectly... so I have to assume that Houd is exporting something in an .fbx file that Maya isn't liking. I've done a very simple test on a cube with voxelize as can be seen in the attached image.


So just to clarify here:-


Houdini exporting an object as OBJ, which later is exported as an FBX from Maya works fine.

Houdini Exporting an object as FBX, which is later exported as an FBX from Maya for some reason hangs on screen for ages.


I could just export from Houd as an FBX if I need to tweak anything in Maya, but I'd rather find out what's causing the issue.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers

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For any Houd>Maya users I found out from someone on the Houdini discord channel, seems like a good theory:


"So the voxelmesh generates some attributes and some groups. This is quite a lot of data on so many points and primitives. When you export this as an fbx, all these attributes will come with, where as with an OBJ I think it only stores the geometry and the normals afaik, resulting in a lot less data."


I believe this to be the case, any fbx exported from Houd once the voxelize mesh was dropped seemed to work fine in the export process.

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