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Hotkeys and Custom Scripts

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Hotkeys and Custom Scripts

I am having some trouble with the hotkey editor and restoring my hotkeys / custom script hotkey assignments. 

I exported my set of hotkeys, saved the \Documents\maya folder and moved it back after the format. So I have all of the .mel files that hold my hotkey and custom scripts, userNamedCommands, userRunTimeCommands and the hotkey.mhk. After reinstalling maya and importing the hot keys everything works as expected except for the custom scripts categories. When I use the keys that had custom scripts associated with them, I get the error cant find the procedure i set up for the hot key. So the assignment is recognized. When I search for the hot key in the hot key editor, nothing shows up in the list and none of my custom scripts appear in the custom script section of the hot key editor. 


I am just wondering if there is something I can do to get the key assignments reassociated with the scripts without having to reassign/reenter all the custom scripts. 


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