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Hide selection WITHOUT hiding children?

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Hide selection WITHOUT hiding children?

I'm a relative newcomer to Maya (most of my experience has been in Max up to this point). Is there any way to hide an object without hiding its children? I know there's a workaround where you can just hide the shapes of the selected object, but this is a pain and doesn't always work.....for instance, joints have no shape node. I do a lot of character rigging, and as far as I can see there's no way to hide a joint without hiding its children joints. I couldn't find a way to do it in Mel or Python either.

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select shape node of parent by pressing the down arrow and hide that.
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As I said, though, joints have no shape node. Seems impossible to hide the root joint in a chain without hiding its children
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Correct; you can't.
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in reply to: MRAnim8or

Hi there,

Did you find a solution that works properly?

I know you can work with overrides. If you have a sphere child of a joint for example, you can "enable overrides" on the attribute editor of the joint and set the LOD as Bounding box; now select the sphere and set "enable overrides" keeping the LOD as "full". You'll end up with only the sphere visible on the view port.
Apparently you solved the problem, It seems that the joint is hidden but if you check the node it's not actually really hidden.

I know the post is not recent, so If you have found a way to flag it properly, I'm curious to know how 😉

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No one care 10 years later, but the solution is hide the shape in self.


From outliner, Display > Shapes.


Know you will se how every shape has a group that contains itself, so you can easily select it and hide it wihout hide the next hierechy.


Like if you read this 10 year later.

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in reply to: eduarskate8

After clicking "Shapes" nothing new comes out...

However, I was able to achieve the desired result by going to the Attribute Editor, and under "Joint" changing the "Draw Style" to "None".

André Moreira

Game Developer / Technical Artist


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After clicking "Shapes" you can add a new attribute from; channel box-edit-channel control-visibility

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Thanks André for your reply - for joints (which have no shape node) the 'draw style' setting works! 

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thank you saved my life (from a student 13 years later😂)

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10 years is nothing for maya ...

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